Ends on October 31, 2017

Please upload 1 PDF containing:
  • 5 poems. Please do not exceed 5 poems.
  • Please note that this submission competition is for full-length poetry books (about 80+ pages); Please have a prepared body of work ready to go should you proceed to the final stage. 
In the "Cover Letter" section below, please include:
  • General information (name, location, etc.)
  • A short biographical statement
  • Please include any relevant links to social media / YouTube.
  • Why do you want to publish with NOT A CULT? Why do you want to publish at all? 
  • Any additional factoids welcome.
Please note that the submission fee is one purchased title from NOT A CULT's store. Any title will do. Please include the Order # in the "Purchase Receipt" field below.

The editing staff for this year's poetry submissions are Safia Elhillo, Edwin Bodney, Beau Sia, and Daniel Lisi.

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